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Why Natural?

Choosing ‘the good oil’. Why going natural with cleaning products is a healthier choice for you and for the planet 

Maybe you want to save money, maybe you want to save time, so when it comes to household cleaners you go with what you’ve always chosen. Standard products are often cheaper, and the ingredients promise to be super-quick and super-effective in blitzing the bugs. 

But ask yourself: if you are cleaning your home but filling it with chemicals are you really cleaning it? 

The concern about cleaning product chemicals posing a threat to health is not new. In 1959, The New York Times recommended a ‘chemical chest’ to hide away cleaning agents, disinfectants, insecticides and other household products as brands did not necessarily indicate the products’ dangerous nature (Dr. Bernard L. Oser, Director of Food and Drug Laboratories, 1959). In 2017, it seems little has changed, and legislation is unable to keep up with regulating chemicals in the cleaning industry. 

At present, there are more than 84,000 chemicals in commercial use, with 1000 new ones being developed every year around the world. Long after household exposure to these chemicals has happened, links have been made to health issues like hormone disruption, allergies, and asthma. 

In today’s busy life, it’s tempting to choose a cheap quick fix in preference to green products. Sometimes it’s because there’s a mistaken perception that environmentally friendly products don’t work as well or are less convenient. But this is simply not the case! Nature has always made the best antiseptics, and in Australia we are blessed with some of the most powerful in the world. 

Koala Co uses high concentrations of potent essential oils, so that our cleaners not only work with the full force of nature but also leave homes smelling as aromatic as the Australian bushland. Essential oils shouldn’t be confused with fragrances and perfumed oils, commonly used to mask chemical smells in standard cleaners. Essential oils are the healthy, eco-friendly and ethical alternative to ‘fragrance’ infused products. They won’t damage you, your home, or the planet. 

Switch to a Koala Co. cleaning product. There’s no harm in it.

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