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Over 2000 5 Star Reviews

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Only cleaner we buy now!!!

Cleans everything so well even grease.

I love the scent, which is natural.

Absolutely the best scrubber

Only dog wash that truly cleans my teacup Chihuahua while soothing/comforting his skin.

Best dog shampoo

I have a pit mix and she is very sensitive but this shampoo is so gentle and has helped making bath time so much more enjoyable. It smells divine. I got the 16oz but next time I’m getting the larger bottle because we love using this.

I love these products!!! they smell beautiful and get everything squeaky clean without the chemicals!!!

Best Seller Collection
Shiree Empting

I love, love, love all these products.
I will be ordering more, the smell is amazing and calming, they clean fabulous…
Customer service is as amazing as their products are 💕
My house smells so great !!!

Natural Pillow & Linen Spray
Like a Good Spa

I just got my first order of products and this one is my favorites. They say that a fragrance can spark a memory and this one really makes me think of the times I've treated myself to a high end spa. So now my towels and sheets smell like that and I just love it!


These products smell terrific and work well. I also love that they are free of harsh chemicals. will 100% buy this set again!


I was gifted this and it smells divine! I normally get headaches from scents, especially because everything now a days is so toxic but this is amazing! Fills my home with the best smell, headache free, and makes my husband smile when he comes in because the house smells so good.


My friends and family know I am obsessed with Koala and I was gifted this- ABSOLUTELY THE BEST! My husband is a journeyman lineman and is constantly coming home covered in grease, oil, hydraulic fluid, you name it, and it gets everything out!! I also have a baby eating solids and poof! All stains gone. I love this brand. Just buy it. You won’t regret it


These are perfect. I used microfiber cleaning cloths for years until I found out they were damaging to sea life. I then tried organic cotton reusable unpaper towels, rags made from wood fibers, etc. They all worked well for certain types of cleaning, but they didn’t work well on things like mirrors or stainless steel. These work exactly like microfiber, but only better. They don’t leave behind the little fibers that microfiber normally does when cleaning mirrors. They clean leaving no fibers behind and leaving everything streak free. They are also thin enough that they are easy to use and easy to clean, but not so thin that they fall apart after a few uses. Between these, the organic unpaper towels, Wowables thin sponge cloths made of cellulose and non-GMO cotton and dish scrubbies made from coconut coir I’ve got all my cleaning needs covered without using damaging synthetic fibers or plastic (except maybe the packaging of the sponge cloths — I don’t remember how they came). I would use these even more except the other cloths I use are less than a dollar a cloth, so I save these for certain things where they work the best. Hopefully some day, they’ll be offered in a bulk pack at a much lower cost per item.

Very satisfied customer

I was so excited to get the Koala Eco Kitchen Cleaner in the mail!!!! It smells so good, like fresh lemons!! Not like the usual store bought products that burn your eyes and nose. It was safe for my pets and autistic child. It made surfaces very clean and scented. I’m going to continue using these products!

Love, LOVE!!

This is such a beautiful range of products to get started with. They arrived and I basically cleaned every surface in our kitchen/bathroom and laundry. They work so well, and left the house smelling really fresh. I’m now signing up to the subscribe option so I’m never without them ♥️


I’ve repurchased this so many times it’s the best non toxic detergent I’ve tried and works so well!

Works and smells great

I absolutely love this company and their products! Love the smell of this cleaner especially and I use it when I'm mopping walls also. This cleaner helps break down sticky things thanks to the lemon oil. I feel good about using this also.


Let me start with THE SMELL!! It’s amazing. I also have a big dog, blue collar husband, and toddler that leave quite a mess on our tile whether it’s dirt, food, grease, or whatever my husband brings in after a long day and y’all it cleans everything so easily! The floors shine after I use this and the home smells amazing afterwards. It’s also a huge peace of mind using a clean and safe product on the floors that baby is all over without having to stress. If you’re on the fence about any of their products, just get them. You will be so happy you did

Natural Dish Soap
The best

I’ve been switching all of my products over from endocrine disrupters to clean and safe products and dish soap has been the hardest one as a true Dawn fan. This cleans just as great and smells amazing. And the price!!!! You get so much more than conventional soaps for an a great deal. Life long customer


Absolutely love this brand and this product! My husband loves coming home to the smell of this cleaner, no joke! It cleans and cuts through just about everything I’ve used it on. Could not recommend it more than I already do

Complete Collection
Bridget Anderson

Love these products!

Natural Laundry Wash
Miriam Roberts
High quality products

I have tried a number of different products and they are all amazing!

Love this dog wash

The formula provides the most amazing clean, leaving puppy super soft and clean for longer. No harsh chemicals or perfumes, pawfect!!! :)

Natural Dog Wash
Charlie Eustace
Best natural dog wash!!

I own a dog grooming business and have used this shampoo on a few of my clients and I’m very impressed with how well it cleans and easily rinses off the pups leaving a lovely scent, perfect for pups with sensitive skin!! Will definitely be ordering more.

Natural Dog Wash
Ashton George

Happy with this product my dog is always scratching and this product left her without a scratch and smelling lovely


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