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Absolutely love your products

I'm so happy with your products. They arrived yesterday (quick shipping!) and I couldn't wait to try them. They smell so good. I was a little apprehensive not knowing what to expect with the fragrance, but was thrilled to find that they are light and not overpowering like so many products these days. I will definitely be buying refills. Thank you so much for a fabulous product that smells lovely and works well.

Smells really good but I find the products to be watery.


Love this product! It works so amazing and dries quickly which is so nice with a toddler.
This is the only product I've found that works amazing on laminate

The products are great! Smell delicious and clean really well

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Azizah Kahera

I’m a new fan of koala eco and I will forever buy the products. I enjoyed the kitchen cleanser, spray and floor cleaner. The scent and quality is amazing. Great organic ingredients and make my home smell amazing. I tried these products on a whim and I am glad I did!!

Great product and smells great!

I use this all purpose cleaner especially on my glass induction stove top every night. It works exceptionally well. It cleans off the grease or water boil over the best. Then I spray with alcohol scented with essential oils for a streak free shine.

Wonderful! Great scent love this

Love these products!!! Work well and smell great:).

I absolutely love these products!! They work great, smell amazing and made with natural ingredients:).

Love love love! Clean non toxic ingredients

LOVE your products!! Please please please make a safe laundry detergent with clean ingredients and that smells like this! Amazing!

Love this scent

Smells amazing

Smells amazing!

I like this brand, If you can smell it spreading throughout the kitchen. gives energy all day

Washing vegetables and fruits is now more enjoyable. very recommendable. I like this brand

With its clean content, the tangerine scent that spreads throughout the house allows me to start the day fresh. I was very pleased that it was carefully packaged and delivered to my home on time. I loved this brand very much. thank you!


This amazing cleaner made cleaning my bathroom delightful! It smells so sanitizing and clean but without the awful chemicals and the results were all surfaces looked so much shinier and, well…clean!! Thank you!

Free Natural Body Wash 24oz

It is a good product but it takes a long time to arrive

It is a good product but it takes a long time to arrive

Works great and smells great

Works great and smells even better. Also doubles as a bug repellent, I haven’t seen a spider or fly in my windows ever since I started using this

Smells amazing, does a great job lifting food and drink spills. Reasonable pricing, will definitely be ordering again 😁

Great product! Smells great and works wonderfully!

Great natural products. They smell great and work very well


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