Automatically save 30%


How does it work

Automatically save 30% on your favourite products by subscribing to a regular delivery. No hassle. Skip or cancel anytime. Set up a subscription when you make your product choices, so you can easily keep stocked up.

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Choose your products

Go to our shop and select the products you never want to run out of.

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How often would you like to receive them?

Click on the Subscribe & Save option when you are adding to your cart. Indicate how often you’d like your products to be delivered, for instance, once a month or longer. Then just proceed to checkout as you normally do!

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Skip, change or cancel anytime

Apart from saving 30% off every delivery you receive, you can skip your next delivery if you are already stocked up. Just login to your account and click on Manage Subscriptions. It’s also really easy to add new products any time or change the ones you use to something else. You can also cancel anytime if you no longer wish to subscribe. No hassle.

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Your Reward

As one of our most loyal customers, you will always have access to an automatic 30% off with each Subscribe & Save order. It’s our most generous discount available, even during sale time!