Essential oils are the healthy, Eco-friendly and ethical alternative to 'fragrance' infused products. Synthetic fragrance contains toxic ingredients and little is made aware to the public.


KOALA ECO products are designed to energise your spirits as well as clean and protect your home. They contain ingredients that are 100% plant-derived, biodegradable, and safe for daily use.

The essential oils we use shouldn’t be confused with the fragrances and perfumed oils commonly used to mask chemical smells in standard cleaners. Usually artificially manufactured, they do not have the same characteristics as KOALA ECO’s carefully sourced pure extracts.

All our products are made in the USA, with Australian Essential Oils.


Eucalyptus Australiana
{ Eucalyptus Radiata }
Considered the ‘king’ of all Eucalyptus species, this has a deep, round and penetrating fragrance, redolent of mint and pine, and with slight citrus overtones. Eucalyptus Australiana is the complete natural all-in-one disinfectant, cleaner, room freshener and detergent. It’s also a perfect antiseptic, bactericide, antimicrobial, and antibacterial.

{ Mentha Piperita }
An uplifting and energising scent, this is nature’s pick-me-up. With its cool, refreshing menthol and minty aroma, Peppermint oil has strong antibacterial properties. As well as being a fantastic and easy to use cleaner, it’s also an excellent insect repellent, perfect for use on windows and glass doors.
Lemon Myrtle,
{ Backhousia Citriodora }
Lemon Myrtle is sometimes called the ‘queen’ of Australia’s lemon herbs. It has a fresh, zesty and uplifting aroma, and is blessed with significant antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is also used as an antiseptic or surface disinfectant, detergent, and as a natural antimicrobial agent. It’s also a delicious room freshener.

{ Citrus Reticulata }
Of all the citrus oils, Mandarin is the sweetest, and it’s reputed to be the most calming and uplifting. It has all the qualities for a first-class disinfectant cleaner, room freshener and detergent.

Lemon Scented Eucalyptus
{ Eucalyptus citriodora }


Antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory: Eucalyptus citriodora is one of nature’s super-healers. It is also renowned for its soothing and calming effects. The fresh, creamy lemon scent has a high citronellal content.

Pink Grapefruit 
{ Citrus paradise }


Cleansing and detoxifying, the oil of the grapefruit (extracted from its peel) has a heavenly scent, which, when released in a room spray, not only banishes bad odours but also can have a positive effect on wellbeing. Its energising properties have been shown to increase alertness and fight lethargy.


{ Lavandula angustifolia }

 Who doesn't love the scent of lavender? Along with peppermint, lavender is perhaps the most essential of the essential oils, being antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, a mosquito repellent, and one of the most gloriously aromatic species of the flowering mint family. It is celebrated also for its calming and sleep-inducing properties. We use this soothing, cleansing and healing ‘mother’ of all essential oils in our Koala Eco Baby products.

Honey Murcott
{ Citrus reticulata }


Honey Murcott is a member of the mandarin family; in fact, it is half orange, half tangerine. Renowned for the purifying properties of its essential oil, extracted from its peel, it has a sweet, tangy and uplifting scent, reminiscent yet slightly more flowery than the essential oil of the mandarin. Another fabulous natural cleanser and disinfectant, Honey Murcott is both powerful and gentle enough to use in your baby’s nursery. 

{ Rosmarinus officinalis }

As well as smelling divine and being great for cooking, this plant has natural healing properties: its essential oil has been shown to boost memory and immunity, relieve stress and improve mood. It’s also able to help protect skin from irritation and infection.

•   Plant based biodegradable surfactant (soap)  •   Filtered water  •   Sugar-based biodegradable alcohol  •   Vinegar   •  Bicarb Soda  •   Plant-derived, food grade, biodegradable solubiliser  •   Sea salt 

Synthetic colours, fragrances or scents, which can cause headaches, or respiratory problems  Nitrates, chlorine, ammonia, parabens or any sulphates including SLS and SLES  Cocamidopropyl betaine (coco-betaine), a foaming agent that is not completely plant-based  Dyes or masking agents  Animal ingredients • palm oil products • synthetic preservatives