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4 Ways to Live More Sustainably (from today)

Every day, people are starting to become aware of the impact that they have on the environment.  Realising that everyone has the reasonability to make a concerted effort to help preserve and protect our environment, more and more people are beginning to take notice at just how everyday decisions can affect the earth around us.

But what does it mean to be more sustainable?

Being more sustainable refers to the way in which we use resources today and being able to maintain their supplies for the future. To be environmentally sustainable doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to live without your favourite luxuries, it more so suggests being aware of the resources you’re consuming and ways to reduce unnecessary waste.

Ok, so how does one live more sustainable from today onwards?

As we mentioned above, being more sustainable is about making educated and planned decisions regarding the resources you’re consuming.  You can use this guide as a means of creating a more informed and empowered decision into the ways that you attempt to look after the environment.

  1. Eat Locally

 A large part of living more sustainably is to eat local produce (if it’s available).  There is a significant portion of us that get lost in the convivence of visiting large supermarkets and selecting items from anywhere in the world as opposed to only sourcing local ones.  Products that come from overseas generally require more substantial of packaging and use far more resources in being transported over.

  1. Don’t Forget to Recycle

Although it seems obvious, there is still a large amount of us that don’t recycle.  Recycling doesn’t only refer to putting your plastics in the right bin and food waste in another, but it also relates to what you do with your clothing, electronics, white goods and auto parts after using them.  If repurposing them isn’t an option, make sure you do some research and find local companies that will recycle them (or dispose of them correctly).

  1. Keep a ‘Keep Cup’

Have you ever seen someone order their takeaway coffee in a fancy glass cup with a bright lid before?  These are referred to as ‘keep cups’, and they’re fantastic! Due to coffee cups not being able to be recycled (they contain a thin plastic film in the lining of the cup) it’s crucial that we look for alternatives.  Keep cups are a great way to ensure that you can get your morning fix of coffee whilst not adding to masses of thrown-out coffee cups.

  1. Purchase From Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Companies

A major way that you can live more sustainably is to do some research and purchase products from sustainable, eco-friendly companies.  Finding a sustainable, eco-friendly company will generally mean that they have implemented ways to become more sustainable in their packaging and distributing methods. It can also mean that the products they’re using are not from resources that are subject to near-future depletion. 

At Koala Eco, we are continually implementing ways to provide our customers with products and packaging that are eco-friendly and sustainable.  Right from the products we use, to the packaging materials and even the way our products are distributed. 

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