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For You, For Us, For Earth

At Koala Eco, creating eco-friendly products that are kind to the environment is what we’re all about (after all, it’s in our name!). But when it comes to sustainability, the environment extends far beyond the land we inhabit, also encompassing our oceans, our fellow living beings, and the earth as a whole.

That’s why in addition to striving to take as little from the earth as possible, we aim to leave our planet in better shape than we found it. From using non-toxic ingredients to partnering with 1% for the Planet, here are the ways we’re doing our part to help make the world a better place.

Our ingredients

Not only are our non-toxic formulas safe for you and your family, they’re also kind to the environment. Much like beauty products (think shampoo, conditioner, facial cleanser), a substantial amount of our cleaning products get washed down the drain and into oceans, rivers, and lakes. Chemicals like parabens, triclosan, ammonia, chlorine, bleach, and nitrogen found in conventional cleaning products can pollute the air and water system, posing a threat to wildlife, marine life, and certain plant species.

By saying no to toxic chemicals, we’ve created effective, scientifically-backed cleaning products that get the job done without harming the environment, wildlife, and marine life. Plus, the native Australian botanicals used in Koala Eco products are locally sourced, allowing us to support local communities and economies.

Sustainable packaging

Currently, over 150 million tonnes of plastic have made their way into our oceans, primarily as a result of common beauty and household products packaged in single-use plastics. In addition to using sustainable, non-toxic ingredients in our products, we’re committed to making a positive impact in the cleaning industry.

That’s why every Koala Eco product comes in a recycled and recyclable bottle, also known as post-consumer-recycled plastic (or rPET). This means that our bottles can be recycled into new packaging once you’re done with them. So far, we’ve saved over 25,000kg of plastic through our recycled and recyclable production methods!

Always cruelty-free

As animal lovers, Koala Eco products always have been and always will be cruelty-free. We test our products on ourselves and our home, never on animals!

1% for the Planet partners

As proud partners of 1% for the Planet, a portion of every Koala Eco product sold contributes to protecting the land, forests, rivers, oceans, and wildlife, supporting sustainable food systems, and tackling issues surrounding climate change and pollution. That way every Koala Eco product you buy contributes to creating a brighter future.

Port Stephens Koalas Sponsors

You may have gleaned this from our name, but koalas are an animal that are near and dear to our hearts. The Australian bushfires earlier this year devastated our native wildlife, causing a significant impact to the koala population. That’s why we were prompted to support and sponsor the admirable work at Port Stephens Koalas; an organisation that rescues, treats, and rehabilitates endangered wild koalas.

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