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How to clean your luggage

Roughly thrown onto conveyor belts, unabashedly mishandled, and dragged across pavements and cobblestones, luggage is built to withstand a lot. Despite its toughness, it’s not immune to getting dirty. So, it’s a good idea to give your luggage a deep clean now and again, particularly after a big trip.

Hard-sided luggage is the easiest to clean; add a couple of capfuls of our Natural Dish Soap to a small bowl of warm water, dip our Bamboo Cleaning Cloth in the solution and wipe down the entirety of the surface. Spritz the cloth with our Natural Hand & Surface Spray to wipe the wheels and handles. For soft-sided luggage, use the same water and dish soap solution and apply it to the fibers of the luggage using our Bamboo cloth or Scrubbing Brush. Scrub until you pull up any dirt or stains, then wipe away excess moisture with a clean cloth and leave to dry in the sun.

To clean the interior of your luggage, remove all items and any detachable pockets or straps. You can use a small hand vacuum to clean out any debris in the lining. Hand wash detachable pockets and straps using two capfuls of our Natural Laundry Wash in a bucket of warm water. Rinse out and air dry before reassembling.

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