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#NaturePact: Nurturing Native Nature Nearby

A gift that keeps on giving: our relationship with nature 

One of the reasons Koala Eco became the principal supporter and partner of People and Parks Foundation’s 2022 #NaturePact campaign is because we are convinced the closer people feel to nature, the more they value and love it. And the more we love something, the more we want to take care of it.  

When we invest time in nature, admiring its beauty and appreciating all the benefits a healthy ecosystem brings, we’re instinctively drawn to protect and nurture the thing that makes us feel so good. That’s particularly important when these days it’s difficult not to be anxious about climate change, and it’s also so easy to feel helpless. 

But everything we do to protect and nurture nature—every act, however small—counts. By taking the time to find out what native plant or creature lives near you—on a roadside verge, in a backyard, in your local park—you could be contributing to a collective understanding about making healthy habitats where native species can thrive. 

Is there a threatened species in your neighbourhood? Turtles or waterbirds trying to reach a pond across a busy road? Native flowers that would do better if they didn’t battle with invasive weeds for space? A patch of earth ideal for planting natives, where insects like Lacewings or Katydids could flourish?  Or could you stop spraying the plants and vegies in your backyard with product that might kill weeds and pests, but might also kill the good guys? There’s always some small adjustment we can make, that cumulatively can add up to making a difference. 

It’s not only about what nature gives to us, but what we can give back to nature. These are gifts that keep on giving. 

Koala Eco is the principal partner and supporter for the People and Parks Foundation’s 2022 #NaturePact campaign, which aims to encourage as many people as possible to spend more time connecting with the outdoor world during September.  To sign up, or find out more go to:

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