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Only the journey matters: a personal reflection on the ‘why’ of Koala Eco, from co-founder Jess Bragdon

When I think about when Paul and I co-founded Koala Eco, and launched in 2017, I can hardly believe how far the company has come, but also how our sense of purpose has crystallized and become deeply embedded in everything we do.

There are the products we develop and make with our dedicated chemists, using plant-based ingredients, pure Australian essential oils, and a lot of love! We are committed to making products that perform exceptionally well, cutting through grime and infusing homes with the aroma of essential oils as uplifting as they are cleansing.

But we’re also committed to bringing more nature into people’s daily lives, and this extends beyond the production line. We strive to form a genuine connection with people and environment through our purpose-led community involvement. For example, we’re principal partner of the People and Park Foundation’s #naturepact, which connects people to nature for mental wellbeing, and we also sponsor Critters, a program in the San Francisco Bay area which takes underprivileged kids and teens out on nature experiences.

However, I need to share a less-known part of my Koala Eco story: the balancing act of life's responsibilities and expectations. As co-founder, partner, and mother, like most people I find myself constantly juggling various roles and working long hours. There are days when anxiety threatens to overwhelm, and I question my adequacy for all these roles. My life is far from perfect, and our home is certainly not a constantly pristine sanctuary. That’s why it’s important for Koala Eco to stay true to its messaging, and talk about our need for something that makes us feel good, the life-enhancing benefits of a connection with nature, and how using our products can support that quest for wellbeing.

Inhaling a calming scent like Rosalina (the bush lavender), which we use a lot in our ingredients, never fails to offer me a sensory recharge. Similarly, spending time in nature, whether a quick stroll through a local park or an extended family camping trip, offers a sanctuary to me. Being able to breathe in the aroma of nature is like taking in reassurance that it's okay not to have it all together, that perfection is not the end goal, only the journey matters.

We hope that Koala Eco products can be integral to this experience. Integral not only to cleaner and healthier homes, but also to supporting the mental health of a whole community through connection to nature.

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