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Spring Clean With Koala Eco And Make It An Official Rite Of Spring!

‘There are portions of every house that can only be thoroughly cleaned occasionally … in the spring or early summer … at which time … it is usual to begin at the top of the house and clean downwards…’

In her famous Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Household Management, published in 1861, Londoner Isabella Mary Beeton recommends moving everything out of the rooms, then:

‘washing the wainscoting or paint with soft soap and water; pulling down the beds and thoroughly cleansing all the joints; “scrubbing” the floor; beating feather beds, mattress and paillasse, and thoroughly purifying every article of furniture before it is put back in its place …’

Isn’t it a relief that nowadays we don't have to clean according to the regimen of a Victorian householder? However, the custom of spring-cleaning—making the home spotless top to bottom in preparation for warmer days—still endures. With Koala Eco it’s possible to be as thorough as Mrs. Beeton without harming the planet or stressing yourself out.

 It's September, and that means spring-cleaning can soon begin. Why not skip Mrs. Beeton’s hard graft and get ahead of the cleaning curve with Koala Eco’s suggestions for a fresh and sparkling home?  

While there may be few things more satisfying than enjoying the results of an annual clean and de-clutter, for most of us the pleasure comes only after the grind is finished. OK, so spring-cleaning may never be entirely effortless, but we are convinced the project can be made much more manageable and—dare we say it—even enjoyable. And believe it or not, you should be able to complete your spring clean in just one day.

Our eco-friendly guide to this essential rite of Spring includes a bit of deep down thorough cleaning, a few key fixtures and fittings, and a little bit of stress-free organisation. In no time, a home can start to feel like new.

As long as you gather all the necessary cleaning supplies ahead of time, and rely on your gut when deciding what clutter to toss versus what to keep, the actual cleaning process can be relatively quick and painless. We promise that by the end of your spring-cleaning day, you will feel relieved, and proud of your fresh and fragrant home.

But most important of all, you will have achieved this pristine living environment with Koala Eco’s all-natural and planet-friendly products, because a spring-clean should be a healthy spritz for your home and family, not an unhealthy blitz of toxins from synthetic cleaners. All of our products are safe, non-toxic and naturally derived.

We've put together some tips and techniques. Take a look and then decide what’s appropriate for your home. For example, for homes with more than one storey, here’s a hint: Mrs. Beeton was right.  It’s always best to begin with the upper rooms, and send the dust and clutter downwards. 

It’s important to create a realistic schedule, so start with small wins, and focus on one task at a time. Get the whole family involved. Use a large box for items to donate to charity, another for recyclables, and plenty of trash bags for items to throw away.

And don't forget to stock up on Koala Eco’s All Natural Complete Cleaning Collection. As our guide suggests, you’ll find our products remarkably versatile. Who knew dish soap could also polish wood?

Bring Mrs. Beeton into the twenty-first century, and let the cleaning begin!

Some general tips:

Dusting: Always work from the top of a room down, vacuuming the dust that settles on the floor. Don't neglect hard-to-reach places, such as the tops of ceiling fans and window casings.  Avoid using commercial dusting sprays, and try Koala Eco’s Mild Dishwashing Liquid mixed with warm water. It’s not toxic or harmful, and works a treat.

All Surfaces: Wipe surfaces with a soft cloth dampened with water and mild dishwashing liquid. We love Koala Eco’s Dish Soap with Pure Australian Lemon Myrtle and Mandarin Essential Oil.

Books and Shelves: Take everything off the shelves, and brush shelves and books with a feather duster. Use the dust-brush or crevice tool on a vacuum to reach into tight spots. Wipe the spines of leather-bound books with a clean, soft cloth. Our Koala Eco Kitchen Cleaner with Pure Australian Lemon Myrtle and Mandarin Essential Oil does a fantastic job on cutting through dust, and even works on wood when you use a damp cloth.

Stainless Steel and Chrome: clean and polish any stainless steel or chrome fittings in your home with our Stainless Steel & Chrome Cleaner with Pure Australian Peppermint Essential Oil.

Furnishings and upholstery: Take cushions outside and gently beat them by hand to remove dust. If there are stains, check the pieces for care labels before proceeding to clean. Use a vacuum’s upholstery and crevice tools to clean under seat cushions.

Windows, Metal Doors and Window Screens: for sparkling windows, use Koala Eco’s Glass Cleaner with Pure Australian Peppermint Essential Oil. Metal doors and window screens respond well to warm water and our Koala Eco all Natural Dish Soap Scrub each screen with a brush, then rinse thoroughly.

Window Treatments: Many draperies and curtains are machine washable, so check labels. Vacuum or dry-clean fabric shades. Wipe wooden blinds with a damp cloth: warm water mixed with Koala Eco all Natural Dish Soap is safe for metal and vinyl blinds.

Ensure Fire Safety: Change batteries in smoke detectors (this should be done twice a year), and make sure units are free of dust. Teach everyone in your household how to use a fire extinguisher, and review escape plans.

Room by Room:

The Kitchen: after using a vacuum to remove dust, wipe down walls and ceilings with Koala Eco All Natural Dish Soap mixed with water. Dissolve stubborn surface grime with a solvent-free degreaser like our multi-purpose Kitchen Cleaner with Pure Australian Lemon Myrtle and Mandarin Essential Oil. This non-toxic and naturally beautiful fragranced cleaner works like a charm on kitchen cupboards (inside and out), and on surfaces and microwaves. You can also use it to clean the fridge. Our Stainless Steel & Chrome Cleaner with Pure Australian Peppermint Essential Oil is an effective oven and dishwasher cleaner. Then straighten up your pantry shelves and reevaluate your dishes. Do you really use everything, or are there items you could give away? Give the trash bin a good wipe with one of our peppermint sprays, and rinse out.  Use a mild dish soap like Koala Eco Lemon Myrtle and Mandarin as a surprisingly good floor cleaner. All you need is 1-2 tablespoons of dish soap mixed in with a bucket of water.

The Bathroom: Use our multi-purpose Bathroom Cleaner with pure Australian King of Eucalyptus Essential Oil to spritz bath and shower, clean air vents, and disinfect light switches, fixtures, and toothbrush holders. Clean and refill soap dish. Wipe down bathroom counters. Scrub toilet. Use Koala Eco Glass Cleaner with Pure Australian Peppermint Essential Oil for sparkling clean mirrors and shower screens.

Living Room and Dining Room:

These are prime candidates for de-cluttering. Eliminate unnecessary items, then dust crown and floor mouldings and wall corners. Wipe down walls and ceilings with Koala Eco All Natural Dish Soap mixed with water. You can also use it to clean and disinfect light switches and power outlets, and to dust and polish wood furniture. Clean windows, inside and out using Koala Eco All Natural Glass Cleaner.

Bedrooms: Take out anything that doesn’t belong and move to its proper location. Organise wardrobes and drawers by switching seasonal clothing and donating unneeded items.  Clean and organise bedside table (s). Never got round to reading that book? Time to give it or put it away. Dust ceiling, corners, and upper and lower crown mouldings. Dust baseboards and windowsills. Clean glass and mirrors with Koala Eco Glass Cleaner with Pure Australian Peppermint Essential Oil, and dust lamps, vacuum lampshades. Use Koala Eco All Natural Dish Soap mixed with water to polish wood furniture.

Be a twenty-first century Mrs. Beeton: the all-natural and planet-friendly way.

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