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Start the year with a Beautifully Clean Home

Restorative deep cleaning is often synonymous with spring cleaning. However, something must be said about the physiological benefits of starting the new year off in a beautifully clean home.

After the Christmas celebrations, performing a quick reset of your home to welcome in the new year on a good note can be beneficial.

We’d recommend working from the ground up; whether it’s footprints in the hallway or dust in the living room, floors are typically the first area to accumulate mess. Add two capfuls of our Natural Floor Cleaner to a bucket of warm water; start from the perimeter of the room and work your way into the middle; powered by peppermint and mandarin, our formula works to restore your floors to their original state, leaving behind a decidedly refreshing scent.

Hosting guests over the holiday season can be a rewarding experience, but it also means certain areas of your home are exposed to more traffic than usual. Wipe down high-touch areas like kitchen benchtops, fridges, pantry doors, and dining tables with our Natural Multi-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner. Harnessing the benefits of lemon myrtle and mandarin eliminates bacteria and deodorises surfaces, making for a fast and effective way to reset your space.

While a deep bathroom cleaning is often necessary after the holiday season, a quick touch-up should suffice to tide you over into the new year. Our Natural Multi-Purpose Bathroom Spray is powered by eucalyptus, with the quintessentially Australian plant working to clean, disinfect, deodorise, and freshen your bathroom. The multi-purpose nature of our formula means it can be used to clean every facet of your bathroom, from soap deposits on the sink and cloudy shower glass to the toilet bowl and grout lines. The aromatic scent left behind works to invigorate and refresh the senses — an apt fit for the new year!

Each of our Bundles are thoughtfully curated and crafted to equip you with everything you need to kickstart your natural cleaning journey and help you stock up on your favourite products for less while reducing packaging consumption. Our Starter Collection contains an easy-to-use trio of our Natural Hand Wash, Natural Dish Soap, and Natural Multi-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner, providing the perfect introduction to our range.

To more thoroughly experience Koala Eco we recommend the Best Seller Collection. Comprising our most covetable products, this collection contains everything you need for a clean home; priced at 20% less than purchasing each item individually, it’s the ideal way to try the Koala Eco range or stock up on your favourite products.

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