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Season of Light

The festive season is increasingly known as the Season of Light: the holiday period at the hinge of one year and the next. We've enjoyed reflecting on the beautiful symbolism that this time of year brings.

* Celestial light

The stars, moon, and planets, helping us for millennia to navigate our way. 

* Festive light

Decorative strings of fairy lights cheering our homes and communities.

* Candle light

Comfort, warmth, and intimacy to soften the darkness.

* Solar light

What gives us life, wherever and however we live.

* Inner light

Keeping us hopeful, resilient, loving.

Whatever lights up the holiday season for you and your loved ones, all of us at Koala Eco hope it brings clarity of direction, a sense of celebration, comfort, optimism and love. We know it’s been a tough year for so many people.

We hope that 2021 leaves you full of light, and the beginning of 2022 is truly bright for us all.   

- Jess & Paul

Koala Eco Journal


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