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Who is 1% For The Planet and why do we LOVE supporting them?

At Koala Eco, our ethos has always been to provide our customers with affordable, high-quality cleaning products that don’t pose any harm to your family or to the environment, use products that have been ethically sourced, and finally, to always give back to the community.  For the last reason in particular, it is why we have been happily supporting 1% For The Planet.

Who is 1% For The Planet?

1% For The Planet is a non-for-profit organisation that works tirelessly in helping to give back to this wonderful world that surrounds us.  The charity’s focus is on 6 areas in particular: climate, food, land, pollution, water, and wildlife.

1% For The Planet operates by forming alliances with businesses and individuals from all over the world. Their vision is to collect the funds from all these sources and to then distribute them to approved environmentally focused non-profit partners.  These non-profit partners are all focused on providing help and assistance to the 6 core areas that 1% For The Planet support.

Why we love supporting them?

Koala Eco's philosophy has always been about keeping the best interests of our consumers and environment in mind.  For this particular reason, we have positioned ourselves as strong enthusiasts when it comes to using products that are ethically sourced and that don’t have negative impacts on the environment. 

What follows next is a natural progression in demonstrating that we  really care for our environment and the people in it.  This is why we support 1% For The Planet.  With the alliance that we have created with the non-for-profit organisation, we can happily (and proudly) say that a portion of every sale made by Koala Eco goes directly to the charity to help support their vision and the environment.

Giving is receiving …

By loyally following and supporting 1% For The Planet, we too are able to benefit from their success.  Since 2012, the charity has managed to raise more than $175 million to support other non-profits that fall into one of their 6 core focus areas. This means that everyone who has assisted the organisation to raise this money can indulge in the intrinsically felt benefits knowing that they’ve played a part in helping the environment and those in it.

If you would love to learn more about this fantastic cause and the ways in which they’re helping the world, please feel free to visit their website HERE (  Even if you’re not directly donating to the organisation, you can still feel good by knowing that all purchases made through our store will see a portion of the sale donated to 1% For The Planet.

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