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Hard at work, loving and raising the world.

Often hailed as a day to honour the profound role of motherhood, this occasion can be a challenging time for many of us. It resonates with those who have lost their mothers, yearned for motherhood but never experienced it, or suffered the loss of a child. Yet, the instinctive inclination to shield and console extends beyond traditional maternal roles.

Whenever we prioritize the well-being of others over our own and provide care and support, we embody the essence of motherhood. This concept transcends biological ties, weaving a profound connection between individuals and the broader world.

The emotional and physical responsibility tied to caring and raising children is one of the toughest jobs in the world. For many it means giving birth, feeding and raising a child, guiding them through the first days at school, supporting them throughout the anxiety of adolescence, not to mention with the challenges of friendships and social media. Many years of continued love, nurturing (and worry), knowing when to take a step back and leave them to grow and learn independently.

Yet by embracing this toughest of roles, mothers are raising the world.

Quite frankly, every day is a celebration of motherhood. A celebration of anyone whose responsibility—and complicated joy—is to guide a child through to a functioning adulthood in these difficult times. So a shout out to dads, aunties, siblings, grandparents, communities and so on.

Motherhood—parenthood—is a way you pay it forward. Where you hope your love and care will extend and intensify, through your children, into future generations.

To all of you who are loving and raising the world: Happy Mother’s Day, every day. 

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