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How often do you give thanks for nature?

Are you celebrating Thanksgiving this year? Wherever you live in the world, and whether or not you make a big deal out of Thanksgiving, it’s a wonderful opportunity to be grateful for the life-giving abundance of nature.

Thanksgiving originally started as a way of giving thanks for the harvest, and would traditionally involve families and communities gathering for church services and a big feast. In these modern times, Thanksgiving is more of a secular than a religious celebration, but the principles of gratitude and togetherness remain.  People pause their busy lives for a day or two, travel to be with friends and family and share the ritual of preparing and eating a special meal.

Those of us who grow our own fruits, herbs and vegetables will know from hard-won experience that a good harvest doesn’t happen without the earth being nourished and the crops being tended. It all depends on giving love, time and attention to the rhythms of nature, so that plants thrive in the right way and in the best season.

In fact, Koala Eco wouldn’t be able to exist without this devotion to nature, because the essential oils we’ve always used are sourced from top quality botanicals supplied by local suppliers like DownUnder Enterprises, who pride themselves on growing the very best.

If you don’t already do it, it’s well worth bringing a little moment of thanksgiving for nature into your day; in fact, it’s surprisingly easy. That early morning walk listening to the birds; the first shock of cold ocean water on your skin; the smell of blossoms, which seems to intensify throughout the day; appreciating the incredible palette of a sunset sky. Let’s celebrate the spirit and significance of giving thanks for nature every day.

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