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How our latest sponsorship is helping young people get up close and personal with marine wildlife

If you’ve ever taken a walk along the coast and spotted a breaching whale or been at the bow of a sailing boat when a pod of dolphins wants to race alongside, you’ll know the thrill of being close to the ocean’s wildlife.

So we’re really delighted to announce Koala Eco’s latest sponsorship, supporting the Oceanic Society’s Critter Scholars Program. The Oceanic Society is dedicated to ocean conservation, and this Scholars program focuses on making it possible for disadvantaged children and teenagers to get up close to and learn about marine wildlife in the Bay area.

One of the best things about running Koala Eco—aside from working with all the great people who help us develop, market and deliver our products—is having the opportunity to invest in and support organisations that care for and restore nature and also share our purpose of bringing more nature into people’s daily life.  

That means sponsoring WWF Australia and the People & Parks Foundation’s #NaturePact initiative in Australia and internationally. Worldwide, it means that for every Koala Eco product you buy, we make a donation to Nature.

And as a company co-founded by an Australian (Paul) and an American (Jess), it makes sense that Koala Eco’s philanthropic and business interests involve both these continents. We know how lucky we are to be surrounded by the most beautiful oceans and amazing marine life at home in Australia. So it’s good to feel that Koala Eco is helping underprivileged children—who might not ordinarily get the chance—to encounter and marvel at some of the planet’s most incredible creatures.  

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