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The top three cleaning fixes for Springtime

Free yourself from clutter

Now’s the time to audit your cupboards and shelves, and donate or discard everything you no longer need. Freeing your home from clutter isn’t just about creating physical space, it’s also about freeing up your mind and creating proper room to think. Use our Multi-Purpose Spray to wipe the dust from empty shelves and drawers before returning—and treasuring—the things you really want to keep.

Spread the deep-cleaning love

Give some attention to the places that generally aren’t part of a day-to-day cleaning routine. Our Glass Cleaner will soon sparkle up your windows and you can rely on our Floor Cleaner to buff up your floors. And those hard-to-reach dusty corners a damp cloth with our floor cleaner and a bit of water. You fill in the rest we have products to suit any area.

Let your home breathe easily

Purify the air with lots of houseplants. They will absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, and may even help to remove toxic chemicals. Fresh flowers can give an instant aromatic as well as visual uplift; but if you prefer to leave flowers growing where they are, a couple of spritzes with our Room Spray with Pink Grapefruit and Peppermint essential oils will have your home smelling just as divine.

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