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Aquabumps Feature Koala Eco

Meet Jessica Bragdon, originally from the States, she grew up in Boston and New Hampshire. Lived in NYC for a big chunk of her life (which is where she met...

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A Clear Choice

Koala Eco Natural Glass Cleaner - with Australian Peppermint Essential Oil is the clear choice for glass and windows. Did you know that synthetic cleaners used to clean windows and...

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The Power of Scent

Studies show that scents can have powerful effects on people. If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, try sniffing citrus. The smell of the vitamin C-packed fruits has been shown...

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Be Green, Feel Clean

Essential Oils v Commonly Used Synthetic Fragrances Consumers have recently been made aware of synthetic ingredients within the fragrance perfume industry. Research by the Environmental Working Group reveals that patent...

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Take your Shoes Off

In Japanese homes, it is considered disrespectful to leave your shoes on as you enter someone’s home. Guests remove their shoes and either slip into soft booties or socks provided...

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No Headache

Sometimes cleaning chores can feel like a bit of a headache. But is it possible that your headache is actually real, and is being caused by the products you use? ...

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