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Veronica McCarthy

Beaches at night, and sunlight in the morning Until you’ve looked at a health, beauty or lifestyle issue through the eyes of writer and creative director Veronica McCarthy, you perhaps...

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Jenny Ringland

Our latest Minding Nature features Jenny Ringland: co-founder and director of Green + Simple, a sustainable living platform founded on the philosophy that the greatest change you can make is...

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Season of Light

The festive season is increasingly known as the Season of Light: the holiday period at the hinge of one year and the next. We've enjoyed reflecting on the beautiful symbolism that this time...

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Lia Ices

Tuning into the wild and the sacred with Lia Ices American singer-songwriter Lia Ices lives with her husband Scribe Winery co-founder Andrew Mariani and their two young children in Sonoma,...

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Decorating with Eucalyptus

In addition to being the favourite food of our namesake, and a powerful ingredient in our products, eucalyptus also has a place in home decor. The cool and crisp scent...

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Courtney Adamo

How Courtney Adamo lets nature restore her perspective Minding Nature is Koala Eco’s regular thread where we talk to inspiring people we believe genuinely live and breathe a nature-focused lifestyle, and...

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Helena Vestergaard

How Helena finds her ‘natural reset’ moments We’re thrilled to welcome our very first contributor to Minding Nature, Koala Eco’s new, regular thread where we talk to inspiring people we believe...

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Our Founding Story

Brought together by a love of nature and a shared passion for the environment, co-founders Jessica and Paul’s story spans the densely urban surroundings of New York City, the untamed...

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Books For Nature

We're big believers that the escapist beauty of literature is one that grows when shared. So, in the interest of fostering a culture of reading, we're sharing the books that...

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An Hour in Nature

As Koala Eco has grown as a company, and our products have continued to receive such a great reception, we’ve also been thinking deeply—as individuals and within the Koala Eco...

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Now Available At Erewhon

We are thrilled to announce Koala Eco is now sold in all Erewhon stores across California. Known for their healthy, fresh foods and focus on organic, premium household and lifestyle...

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Natures Makes You Kinder

I was recently sent an article that resonated deeply with me about the physical and mental benefits of spending time in nature. I think we can all agree that nature...

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